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CCTV Systems


CCTV Systems

CCTV systems is probably the fastest growing type of security systems and is the most diverse in terms of the technical equipment and video processing and transmission technologies available. They are becoming more accessible and practically used everywhere, regardless of the environment in which they are placed and the conditions under which they are exposed. The visualization and recordings of security cameras are suitable for prevention and capture of intruders, analysis of a given situation, as well as the monitoring, organization and improvement of the workflow. Through the ability to track real-time online systems, they are easily accessible and applicable in every business area – from professional security monitoring centers to end users who want heightened control and feedback. As with the security alarm systems, each project is individually tailored in accordance with the specific requirements of the site.

CCTV cameras are increasingly complemented by security alarm systems for greater reliability and to distinguish false from actual alarms.

Professional CCTV cameras can also be useful if fully automated parking zone and parking barrier management is required based on registration number, human counting and statistics, facial recognition for authorization in access control systems and many other analytical functions that go beyond the usual scope and purpose of security and guard systems.