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Guarding with security alarm systems


Guarding with security alarm systems

The guarding of sites through Security Alarm Systems is carried out on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria using the latest technical equipment – control panels, digital sensors and peripherals – from approved and tested in our long-standing experience manufacturers and latest generation of communication devices for signal transmitting, with the option of combining various communication channels for a high level of protection / GPRS, LAN, radio, etc. / and providing accurate information about the alarm activation.

All incoming alerts, from all sites and systems are received in duplicate at a minimum of two independent monitoring centers. In our National Alarm and CCTV  Monitoring Center and in the Local Monitoring Center of our particular partner in the specific city in the country. For sites requiring the highest security class, the signals can be monitored in three places (in three independent monitoring centers) and on several communication channels, simultaneously, through: a multi-frequency radio transmitter, GPRS communicator, LAN, digital telephone communicator.

The system for the 24/7 monitoring of incoming site signals is nationally covered (National Alarm and CCTV  Monitoring Center). Operators are in constant contact with the autopatrol teams,they control and record their movement through a GPS system, follow strict procedures for actions in case of incoming alarm activation by sending autopatrol units for inspection of the site, for taking action in case of established burglary, in case of entity detention and transmission to the Ministry of Interior.

The company has a long-standing partnership with leading insurance companies and can guarantee its clients compensation in cases of property damage.

SECURITY ALLIANCE has its own patrol teams and also interacts with responsive units of partner companies nationwide.