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SECURITY ALLIANCE Ltd. was established in 2011 in close cooperation with SECURITY Holding Ltd founded in 1991

Over the years, apart from the holding company, Security Alliance has been partnering and developing joint operations with more than 15-20 of the largest security companies in Sofia and the country. The purpose of this cooperation is to unite potential, competencies and services, so that each client can receive complete, competent and professional service in all possible areas of security activity throughout the country, from:

1. Design of all types of technical security systems (notification, surveillance, control, security, sound, etc.), according to BDS-EN and regulatory requirements.


2. Import, supply, installation and maintenance of technical systems:


Alarm systems;

• CCTV systems and remote monitoring;

• Fire alarm systems

• Fire extinguishing installations and systems

Access Control and Time Attendance Systems

• Hotel Access and Parking Systems  

Public Address Systems and Conference Systems

• Professional Cinema Sound Systems and Home Cinema    

• GPS monitoring, tracking and control systems      

• Specialized systems and techniques for Personal and Company Security;

• Structured cabling systems;

• Building and home automation systems;

• Other specialized technical security and security systems.

3. Monitoring and control of signals from all types of security systems at the National Alarm and CCTV Monitoring Center


4. Vehicle patrol responding security, video surveillance and other systems.


5. GPS monitoring, control and tracking of vehicles, people, animals, etc.

6. Manned Guarding of state, municipal and private sites

7. Personal security of individuals and legal entities

8. Cash-in-transit – transportation of money, valuable consignments and cargo

9. Audits, consultations, analyzes and expert assessments in all areas of technical and security guarding

10. Other specific security operations according to the client’s specific needs

SECURITY ALLIANCE is nationally covered and has representatives and partners in all major cities in Bulgaria.

The company concentrates its main efforts on offering the highest quality services and customer service according to the best practices in Europe and Bulgaria.

SECURITY ALLIANCE meets all regulatory requirements, Bulgarian and European standards for the development of its activity, as evidenced by the first licenses and certificates received:

1. National License for conducting private security activity, according to  Law on Private Security Activities (ЗЧОД), 1687 / 02.12.2011, issued by the Ministry of Interior

2. Authorization for operation (maintenance and servicing) of fire-fighting appliances and equipment, in accordance with Art. 91e, para 2, item 4 of the Ministry of Interior Act (ЗМВР), OM-521 / 27.06.2012. Issued by the Ministry of Interior;

3. Quality Management System Certificate EN ISO 9001: 2008, 250 / B / 12.12 dated 20.12.2012, issued by EURO CERT;

4. Occupational Health and Safety System Certificate BS OHSAS 18001: 2007,159 / BO / 12.12 dated 20.12.2012, issued by EURO CERT;

5. Certificate of personal data administrator, 331200 / 16.02.2012, issued by the Commission for Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Bulgaria.

All of the above has made the company a preferred partner for more than 10 years to some of the largest international and Bulgarian state and public organizations and private companies, including:

– St. Alexander Nevsky Patriarchal Cathedral,

– Representatives of the World Bank

– Representatives of the European Commission in Bulgaria

– Ministry of the Interior – Special Courier Service Directorate,

– Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Bulgaria,

– Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications of the Republic of Bulgaria,


– UNIVEG Bulgaria,

– CHIMSNAB Bulgaria

– Proficredit Group, 

– MentorMate Bulgaria,

– Weiss Profil 

and many others.

By early 2020, SECURITY ALLIANCE has been protecting and servicing more than 2,500 operating sites on the territory of Sofia and the country, including private, corporate, state, etc., in a technically efficient manner.

Employees, security guards and managers with over 20 years of security experience!

Why us?

Our team

The management positions in the company are entrusted to a team of leading and certified in different directions specialists and experts in the field of:

– design, installation and maintenance of security systems,

– guarding with security alarm systems

– security guarding of individuals and legal entities and state organizations, etc.

Our department managers have over 20 years of previous work experience and experience in organizing and managing similar operations at some of the largest security companies in Bulgaria. They interact well with each other to achieve:

– the highest quality of all services provided,

– offering the highest-tech and most complex solutions possible,

– maximum satisfaction of the individual needs and desires of each particular client!