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Manned Guarding


Manned Guarding

A detailed risk assessment is developed upon covering a facility with security guards – risks associated with the security and the guarding regime of the site are examined, an analysis is conducted and specific measures are proposed to limit them.
All SECURITY ALLIANCE guards have undergone compulsory training programs, as well as our in-house training program, briefing and exams in accordance with our individual training programs concerning the handling of any specific and emergency situations.

Our security guards are equipped with weapons, protective and auxiliary equipment and uniformed with insignia, in accordance with the Private Security Act.

The security teams have company cars at their disposal for remote sites and to move the individual security shifts.

Operations are carried out in accordance with ISO procedures for quality of service management and OHSAS – Occupational Health & Safety Management at the workplace, in order to strictly comply with all regulatory requirements, labor and social security legislation and the latest regulations of the Ministry of Interior and the Bulgarian Labour Inspectorate.
In order to guarantee high quality of the provided services, the control over the activity of the guards is carried out both by traditional means and by our specialized solutions – for example, a satellite control system, registration and archiving of the movement and the route of the guard.